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[3:01] Breaking mountain climbing records with untrained groups of people. A diver rescued him as he was starting to lose consciousness. var start = new Date('1959-04-20T00:00:00-05:00'); If not, check out part one of my two-part take on the Wim Hof Method.. Wim Hof Is A Member Of . Recovery breath: When a strong urge to breathe occurs, take a full deep breath in. But he wasn’t always The Iceman. } else { The rest was due to their vigorous breathing, which increased the metabolic activity in their respiratory muscles. Below is a screenshot of them. } So there's a Wim Hof, there's the DMT breathing, there's some of the stuff you learned with Brian Mackenzie. Fact: Wim Hof is turning 62 years old in jQuery(function() { for(i=0;i

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