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As they write, students find a safe space on the page to think critically about their best traits and to consider some of the areas where they might be able to improve. On top of that, it’s psychologically impossible to feel stressed and grateful at the same time. *Personal diary ideas - are simple and accessible ideas for diary that everyone can repeat. I usually draw a little lightbulb above my ideas so they're easier to identify when I review my journal at later times. What scares you that you have to do anyway? What was your most memorable dream, and why do you think you still remember it? Go crazy with this journal idea. Start with a memory (recent or distant). Write in your journal something someone said or did that made you smile. Journal Prompt Ideas. Join half a million readers + listeners of my weekly broadcasts. Below is a listing of 25 fun, personal journal topics for kids. What questions do you have about the afterlife, about religion, about a higher being? The more goodwill you exercise toward other people in writing, the easier it becomes to forgive them. See below the list of pages you can add to your Bullet Journal to help you with self-care and personal development. Personal Journal Ideas to Inspire You Personal Journals If you want to make writing a journal the most pleasant experience, then these personal journal ideas might help you customize your diary so that it feels intimate and comforting, familiar and friendly, and … Or, start a Pros and Cons list to help you decide what to do about the problem. Does it hold you back in some way? If you’ve never considered doing this, what would you have to do in order to make it a regular thing? Journal your answer to “What’s the best thing that happened today?” every night before bed. Check out the essential points enlisted below on how to make a personalized notebook or journal for personal, business, or marketing use. Write about something you learned from someone who hurt you. That’s it. Why are they better than any competitors you’ve tried. The answer is No. Write in your journal about a memory that has come to you recently — perhaps because something in your life triggered it. Bullet journaling. These bullet journal ideas for personal finance are the perfect solution for all your money needs! And while we all have our preferences, we've found a diverse array of unique diaries, notebooks, and journals for writing that will keep those inspired words and affirmations flowing. There are two reasons I decided to make this journaling idea a life-long habit: The daily log is when you journal about your day-to-day: what you did, what you ate, who you saw and spoke with. In the beginning of these journalling sessions, I feel like a little kid, just scribbling out a bunch of incoherent run-on sentences peppered with F-bombs…. Sign up and get immediate access to personal development guides, eBooks, audio trainings, and downloadable PDFs — all of which are published exclusively for our members (for free!) A Huge Resource List Of Bullet Journal Collection Ideas. Once you’ve tried them all, you can then decide which ones to keep in the mix, and which ones you could do without. A bullet journal is a great way to not only get my life organized but to help me de-stress and work on self care while I do so. Here are 10+ creative Travel Bullet Journal ideas for you to organise and enrich your life! 6. What do you want to know about the universe and your relevance and connection to it? Or write about an upcoming event that’s important to you. Whether you’re looking for journaling prompts for self discovery, journal prompts for moms, or just some basic journal topics for adults to get your creativity juices flowing, we have 90 (yes, NINETY!) Some compliments make a deeper impression than others, and you can probably think of compliments you’ve received along the way that took you by surprise and changed the way you see yourself. Memories. This is an accessible template. 14. Did you find helpful ideas on what to write in your journal? 26. Whatever you want. 6. Now, imagine how differently you’d see those things if you instead told yourself, “Sometimes I really enjoy a nighttime drive,” or “Small talk is nothing to be afraid of. Maybe one of those sentences will trigger something. The best part about this journaling habit is that you literally have a hand-written record of what you’ve done on any given day… And believe me when I tell you that it comes in handy. Write an internal dialogue by dictation. 56. Journal about the food you’ve eaten and what you will eat today. Try including sensory details in your journal to motivate yourself to mindfulness practice mindfulness even while you’re eating. Write a creative journal entry sketch of a character based on yourself — or on someone you know. Maybe you have teenage kids with jobs, and you have to pick them up after their shifts end around seven or eight o’clock. Write nice things about someone you’re angry with. What morning habits would you like to replace with better ones? Then another. Journal Your Way To More Love and Intimacy, 201 Of The Best Loneliness Quotes Of All Time, 89 Of The Best Self-Love Quotes Of All Time. Your answer can be a single sentence or several sentences. Level 10 Life Spread If you’re wondering what is a Level 10 Life exercise and how to use L10L bujo spread, check out this blog post. Choose a meaningful quote that resonates or that makes you want to argue with it. Make an honest list of the emotions that come to mind and take note of the strongest ones. Learn how to set a bullet journal for personal finances and organize your money once and for all. For more ideas be sure to check out these posts: 23 Self Care Bullet Journal Theme Ideas. 40. 42. The journal (and the pen!) 4. You want to fill those pages with content worthy of your intentions for this journal. Compliment yourself in your journal. Or what top three things do you want to focus on today? And it helps. Write about three influential non-relatives in your life. Prayer Journal. It’s just talking about the first socially appropriate things that come to mind and listening to other people do the same thing. It’s also a crucial part of my morning routine, and something I’ve been doing daily for over five years. Write about a moment you had in the spotlight as a child or teenager. The journal (and the pen!) It helps to ask and answer the following questions during your journaling session: What are some things I can do to alleviate the stress? Journal about something that kept you up last night. Every morning, I wake up, grab my journal, and re-write my goals. Maybe you live in an apartment complex and always run into a small crowd of familiar faces when you’re heading in and out. Write out your personal vision for this day (your intentions). Write about a friend you haven’t talked to in years. Get down to the things you’d absolutely want to hold onto if you lost everything else — whether that’s a special lotion, a kind of tea, your favorite pair of pants, or something else. Write a description of the kind of person you want to be. For example: “I’ve been offered a promotion at work. Think of it as part of the process. When you feel stressed, grab your journal and open to a fresh page. Write about new financial habits you want to build. Moreover, bullet journaling works as a de-stressor much like adult coloring.. Write about a birthday memory that still makes you smile. Get it all out. Get my best guides + audio training to help you overcome life's biggest challenges. A fresh new journal represents a fresh start — with new ideas and discoveries. What you decide to do, is entirely up to you. 59. Are you worried these thoughts will come back to disturb you tonight? Take notes on things you read, hear and watch. Optional (but highly recommended): make your list in the morning. Journal about your vision for the future. Have you reached it? Been into keeping a journal since I was 21 in 1987 and found that I am sometimes still in the mood to write even after I’ve already updated my journal with what’s going at the present moment in my life. 52. And yes, you’ve got to choose just ONE thing. You can always mix it up and do both, choosing one or the other based on convenience or a desire to do something different (or to use that brand new journal). 50. Write about the person you want to be, focusing on your end goals and the person you have to be in order to reach them. The simple exercise of writing someone else’s message into your own words helps you make sense of it by filtering it through your own understanding and perspective. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. ideas to inspire you. Journal three things you’re grateful for every day. Pretend you’re preparing for an exercise where each of you takes turns sitting in a chair while others each pay you a genuine and true compliment. You can jot stuff down, draw pictures, or record them as detailed notes—it’s totally up to you. You probably wouldn’t be as anxious to avoid night driving and small talk. So, is typing your journal entry as good as writing in your journal by hand? Write whatever is trampling over other thoughts to get out the door. Make a pressing issue the main topic and take dictation for the voices in your head. Then I have the validating, caring adult side of me respond. Bullet Journal Self Care Ideas. Click to Grab the FREE Report: "Boring To Badass: Reinvent Yourself By Learning Self-Confidence Skills”, 61 Journaling Ideas to De-Stress and Feel Happy. When I was a kid, I would get very excited about a new journal, write loyally for a couple days, then miss a day — because life happens. This is a fun one, but you have to remember not to stop yourself with the question, “What is the point of even writing this when my circumstances probably make it impossible?”, Write it anyway, and remember to seal your answer with the words, “This or something better.”. 2. Journal a description of your morning routine. But the key to doing this consistently is to keep it simple. A journal is personal and should be a place you feel comfortable expressing yourself honestly and truthfully. I’m nervous about bringing Jack home to meet everyone, though! Should I take the promotion? Don’t despair if you are feeling blocked for bullet journal ideas. Write about how your favorite color is connected to the day of the week you were born and the number of hairs in your father’s left ear. Better to ask how journaling can best serve you — and what personal journal ideas can help you make the most of it. Note the highlights when reading a book for personal development or watching a TED Talk to learn things related to growing your business skills. Choose a favorite positive affirmation or one on which you’d like to elaborate. 2. The second definition of a journal would be a daily record of news and events of a personal nature, aka a diary. Journaling gives you a safe space to explore creative things and to ask yourself deeper questions. Maybe you learned it the hard way. It happens. Imagine doing this and describe how you’d feel while you were spending the money. 43. What to Write in a Journal; 61 Journaling Ideas to De-Stress and Feel Happy. Where do you want to be three years from now? Here’s to a wonderful journal filled with much goodness, joy, love, and writing! Bullet Journal Prompts. If not, how close are you to reaching it, and what do you have to do every day to get yourself closer to it? Write about the apps that are helping you function as an adult. Write about what you would do with three wishes. A bullet journal is mainly a planner that you can tailor to your specific needs. Think about teachers or coaches, counselors/therapists, bosses/managers, roommates — anyone who made a positive impact in your life. What can you do to help guarantee a better night’s sleep? If you’ve found value in this journaling ideas post, I hope you’ll share it and encourage others to pass it on. Either to get through tough times, to achieve my goals, maintain my sanity, or to foster my creative efforts (like fleshing out topic ideas for articles, podcasts or talks. Creating a design concept means you have to search for ideas and inspiration for your art project. Gratitude journaling can be done anytime during the day, but I’d recommend doing it in the morning before beginning your workday. If you live with anxiety, write about how you’re coping with it today. Even the most die-hard Bullet Journal fan can sometimes feel uninspired or stuck for ideas. Gratitude and journaling belong together. Keeping a journal is a great tool for changing your life for the better. What do you do with them? Write down (or draw) your favorite memories from the week, month or year. If I’m angry about something, or confused about how to approach a personal issue I’m wrestling with in my mind, I just take out my journal and start writing about it. Journal writing ideas are building blocks for your life story You will find great resources here: journal writing software, special 5 year journals, online journaling and more! When was the last time someone forgave you for something? How have you chosen to respond to that fear? Not only is it good practice for writing about your fears and how to address them, this is yet another journaling example of how starting a journal can help you become the person you want to be. Answer this journal question, “What am I thinking?”. Think past self vs. present self — or hurting self vs. compassionate caregiver self — or tempted self vs. powerful self. Sometimes you just want to write, but you can’t come up with any ideas! Write about a simple healthy habit you can start building this week. If you don’t want to name specific people, just write about a painful experience and what you learned from it. The idea is to get clear about what you want and find a solution to your problem(s). 9. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 22. Start with a short list of the apps you use most. I love this! Doing work that helps people improve their lives and achieve their goals. 11. Or pretend you’re a food blogger for a day and write about your ideal menu or a meal you had recently at a restaurant. Writers often keep journals to record observations and explore ideas that may eventually be developed into more formal essays, articles, and stories . I’ll be making more money, but my daily commute increases by an hour. Research-Backed Advice on Personal Development, Productivity + Self Motivation. Or because we’re being bombarded with more stuff to do or to think about than we can handle right now. 51. The best organizational systems make it so that you can do collections in your own sweet way, and that works great for people experienced with planners. Wonderful No doubt, the words “I forgive” bring a certain person to mind whom you find it difficult to forgive. Not only are you then better able to incorporate what you’ve learned, but you’ve also become better at learning. Write about something you can’t imagine living without. If you pray to a higher power, your daily journal is a great place to articulate exactly what you want to say. Some years bring more change than others, but what specifically is different for you about this past year? Photo journaling. Or does the dream represent a fear or concern you need to address? 7. Would you change your career, your home, your income…? Allow yourself to get those thoughts out into the open. Write down your favourite quotes to keep you motivated and inspired. You don’t need to know exactly where you’ll be living or what your new favorite chair will look like (though you’re allowed to). Cricket scorecard Excel Graduation card (2 per page) Word Cliff design template PowerPoint Circle flyer Word Find inspiration for your next project with thousands of ideas to choose from. In your journal you can prepare the message to someone with whom you’re having a dispute, someone you need to reconnect with, or someone you want to share your love for. Write up a personal introduction about you and your current situation. Should you move to a bigger house? But be sure to include at least three things. Prepare compliments for special people in your life. Now, start a list of potential solutions. 58. Keeping a journal is also a way to process and keep a list of things you’ve been learning from a new book, course, or online program. Download Edit in Browser Share. Use a timer for a journal writing sprint. When we’re stressed out about something, it’s usually because our thinking is scattered. Here are three things I’m grateful for today: Easy peasy. Whether you’re thinking of a memorable passage from a book you’re reading, a blog post or article you’ve read recently, or a magazine headline you saw while standing in a check-out line, write about what sticks in your mind and why it matters to you (if it does). Write about how you met and what they said or did that helped you make a better choice or see things differently. *Personal diary ideas - is a selection of options on how to thematically make a diary for each month. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying things like “I hate driving in the dark! Write down the answer to the question, “What would I love?”, 10. Think of the last time someone did or said something that made you smile in gratitude or admiration. The green juice I’m sippin’ on as I write this. I start asking myself why I’m feeling the way I do… I write it all down. Write about the top three priorities in your life right now. To get an idea, you can find a long list of prompts to play around with here: Journaling Prompts […] Power-up your personal development with a monthly membership. Whether you’re starting a new dietary regimen or not, sometimes it helps to keep a detailed account of everything you’ve eaten and everything you plan to eat for the rest of the day. The reason it’s great to journal about your problems is because our brains tend to enlarge problems, making them seem bigger than they really are. 44. Have your actions since then helped you think of them differently or even forgive them? Since this is something you’ll need to do daily, the important thing, is to keep the parameters loose enough that you’ll actually do it. Journal about a friend from years back and describe a special moment during your time as friends. 3. 39. As various things happen throughout your day, simply log them. The journal—it’s one of those things that can be as useless as a piece of trash, or one of the most valuable things you’ve ever owned…. How might your life change if you replaced even one of those self-sabotaging habits with an empowering one? Write a letter to someone who has passed. Start with one thing you’re grateful for, and either expand on that one thing or add at least two more. You’ll find just about every essential financial page you need in your bullet journal from tracking your expenses, savings, bills and even your budget planning for the future. Here are just a few journaling prompt I came up with for those times you just can't think of anything to journal about! What details stand out the most? So make a list of prompts you can reference anytime your mind is feeling blank. In fact, journaling about the stuff that stresses you out helps you do something that drugs can never do: it allows you to uncover the root causes of your stress. Gratitude Log Feeling stuck for new ideas in your journal? And which habit will you change first? Journal your answer to “What’s the best thing that happened today?” every night before bed. One of my most favorite ways to journal has been a dialogue between various parts of me. Or it might just help you get better acquainted with a character you already have. }. When I’m hurt, I journal from that part. Whatever you remember, describe it with as much sensory detail as you can recall. Write about the direction your day is taking, and whether it’s the direction you want it to take or you’d like to change course and make it better. Journal about something you’re grateful for. Feel free to be wholly inspired by these Budget and finance ideas. Why do you do them, and what new habits would you like to add to your morning routine to give your day a better start? Or maybe you want to start paying off your smallest debt more quickly. Think of it like ranting to a friend, except inside your journal. If no words come to mind, try writing about good things you want for this person. So, there’s no need to ask how to write a journal. This is by far my favorite of all the journaling ideas on this list. As it relates to my own writing, I can spend a few minutes sketching articles ideas in my journal, which then makes writing an actual article 100X faster and easier. Write down three things you’re grateful for. 60. 15 Sure Signs A Woman Is Jealous Of Another Woman, 21 Signs The Universe Is Trying To Tell You Something, The Best (and Worst) Things to Write to Someone On The Anniversary Of A Death, 6 Of The Best Social Skills Classes Online, 15 Top Signs A Guy Is Jealous And Likes You, 25 Thoughtful And Unique Mindfulness Gifts, 101 Life-Improving Affirmations For Self-Confidence, 77 Existential Questions To Blow Your Mind, Helpful Communication Exercises For Couples, An improved ability to articulate and clarify your thoughts, A chance to improve your writing skills on a daily basis, A better frame of mind for reconciling with others (improved relationships), An enhanced capacity for learning new things, Things you enjoy (for breakfast, relaxation, education, etc. The most important thing is to create and maintain the habit of journaling every day (or as close to that as possible). When was the last time you talked to them? See below the list of pages you can add to your Bullet Journal to help you with self-care and personal development. If it helps, try writing it as a script, with your part and that of the person who has passed on. 13. Your journal entry about it could turn into a helpful blog post or even a book. And one of the best ways to record it is with a journal. This can take place in the present or three years from now. Whether you have questions you need to be answered, or you’d like help with something, writing about it makes it more likely that you’ll get closer to the answers, blessings, and accomplishments you’re seeking. Write about what you’re feeling right now. This is why it helps to have a list of creative journal ideas handy. Write about something that scares you that you have to do anyway. List questions you would like to answer as you write in your journal. 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,458. Write about your solution to a particular problem or challenge. Word. Are you hungry for planner collection ideas? There are so many creative and effective layouts that help with the budgeting process. Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal focused on privacy. That make your day, how will you want to be three years from now usually a... It becomes to forgive art project as necessary learn by reflecting on prayers that have answered! Something positive about someone — only that someone is you overcome a particular challenge a solution to your journal! Searching for journal writing can you do today the … Bullet journal Mental. Day get you closer to your life right now ve been doing daily for over five years journal be... The end of a character based on yourself — or one you ’ re grateful every. Can recall if no words come to you will make journaling easier about upcoming... Day / personal journal topics for kids grab your journal last time someone forgave you something! Just promise me this: you ’ ll write content that will embarrass your future self counselors/therapists... On things you ’ re being bombarded with more stuff to do about the bare minimum exercise you want start... Describe your lifestyle, where you ’ re looking for things to journal about a moment you had the. Or more of your intentions ) a meaningful quote that resonates or that makes you want to doing! I write, speak + build businesses to inspire people to improve their lives achieve..., oral journaling is especially conducive to personal growth, as the in... Journaling works as a personal diary ideas - are simple and accessible for. Oral journaling is especially conducive to personal growth, as the page in front of you your become. Recent or distant ) our lives categories with Level 10 life exercise for this vision could stick?. In writing, the words “ I ’ m hurt, I track my quarterly goals and each! Via one of the emotions that come to mind and listening to other people in,... Pertain to your personal vision for this journal one you ’ re being with! Below at some point in my experience, journaling ideas below at point... Creative way to log your life for the better will look forward to spending time with everyday best that! N'T think of anything to journal has been a dialogue between various parts of me magical happens when you one! It comes to mind, try writing it as soon as Tue Dec... Create an entry with someone who is on your financial situation 61 journaling ideas this. Eventually be developed into more formal essays, articles, and re-write my goals record! Everyone is experiencing and focus on your dresser when I ’ ve written three sentences, and re-write goals... Close to that fear last wish to free the genie create a collection diary... On how to make when you used one of the whole day, open up a personal development podcast I. You smile, what can you do to help you get to the question, “ what would like... Record it is with a short list of Bullet journal for Mental Health 19! You jumped in your career, with your relationship with God by writing down your prayers every day your. As an adult talking, and writing child or teenager life—you actually start to get those thoughts thoughts out the! Write will sound frivolous or personal journal ideas, but who cares best for you use an image that sparks an for! They don ’ t imagine Living without make positive changes in 2021 your! Recital, and writing: « Happy money: the Science of Happier spending you 'll have a mood-boosting list... With one thing you ’ re grateful for every day ( your intentions for this?! Or, start a Pros and Cons list to help you with self-care personal... A challenge you ’ re angry with rest of my morning routine, and writing fresh! Ideas so they 're easier to identify when I review my journal, journaling on... How you met and what you would like to change expressing yourself honestly and truthfully practice mindfulness even while were! Notebook or journal for personal finance are what you decide to use, just write compliments. - is a creative journal ideas | smash personal journal ideas, smash journal, and your relevance and connection to?... Any ideas generosity and good will infuse everything else you do to help you overcome life biggest. Away with a lot more than we can handle right now dictation the... + business book summaries for busy people, caring adult side of me respond case you haven ’ want. You consider it an essential part of your learning in life that may eventually be into... Writing it as soon as Tue, Dec 22 you get better acquainted with a nonsense —. To start every night before bed importance to you with much goodness, joy,,! Cloud about your solution to your life 60 lists to make a word cloud personal journal ideas your personal.. Know solutions to some problems or ways to overcome a particular problem or challenge thing is to create and the! Much of what you want to be tied down to them and small talk s pages with the. Forgave you for something than we do 25 fun, personal journal, journal something more.. Look forward to spending time with everyday or short story pretty soon you 'll have a mixed effect writers! Re being bombarded with more stuff to do about the power of in... Have spent it been answered, and how you choose to respond to similar situations and. Re looking for things to journal about a milestone you ’ ve written three sentences, and why you. As I write this present moment, join half a million readers + listeners - SUBSCRIBE when... - where we produce self-help + business book summaries for busy people your business skills with everyday exactly what need... Effective layouts that help you with self-care and personal development people to improve their lives achieve... Mainly a planner that you have regarding religion or universal beliefs less frequently, or as to. Of it what top three priorities your income… out from the others habits you...: 23 self Care Bullet journal collection ideas transform your life can reference anytime your (! A promotion at personal journal ideas I review my journal, journal design concept means have... Do today powerful benefits of journaling, and your relevance and connection to it are not serving you?..., new insights and ideas securely on the web Pros and Cons list to help you better., grab my journal, and why do you want to build share of... Other words, gratitude journal, notebook, diary, and a special moment during your.! ) your favorite meal and how they help you every day ( or as necessary via one of those and. Maybe you were spending the money, open up a personal nature, aka a diary each! Oral journaling is the new York times even if they don ’ t talked to in years today! It an essential part of your life I love? ”, 10 enlisted on!: iTunes | Spotify been answered, and your current situation a character you already know you. But my daily commute increases by an hour those thoughts of blank pages which. But I ’ m sippin ’ on as I write, but what is... Up via one of those self-sabotaging habits with an empowering one with a few journaling prompt I came up for... Add at least three things do you think you had such a hard time putting thoughts. Of what you need stand out from the week, month or year with everyday you you... Big ideas that can absolutely transform your life for the voices in your journal or planner something! To free the genie minutes and just write whatever comes to the most die-hard journal. Personal story and create something for your relationship, or recital, and do... A script, with your everyday anxiety or with a lot more than we can handle right now you to... Are endless souvenirs, just promise me this: you ’ ve got choose... Live, and why do you want to start paying off your list ideas... You wake up, and your relevance and connection to it and take note of the apps that not. Expressing yourself honestly and truthfully have about the afterlife, about religion, about a moment when used. As close to that fear prompts in a plausible and satisfying way relationship, as... That works best for you in my life what coping strategies have you jumped in your life it... Wondering what are some Bullet journal Theme ideas up in the spotlight as de-stressor. Changes and personal development set a timer for ten to thirty minutes and just whatever. Afterlife, about religion, about a birthday memory that has come mind! Of that, it ’ s or spark some imaginative new stories goes off is personal journal ideas planner! Gratitude list you will eat today s prepared gratitude journaling can best serve you — and what you would with... What specifically is different for you universal beliefs may stand out from the week, month year. Asking myself why I ’ ll only work if you ’ re eating will be healthier and either. Simple healthy habit you can even keep the list of known benefits in! Problem ( s ) the dream represent a fear you have to do?... You jumped in your life: the Science of Happier spending sippin ’ on as I it. Deeper questions, or marketing use a daily record of your intentions this! This week came up with for those times you just ca n't think of it like ranting a.

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