How Yoga Changed My Life (I know, so cliche!)

Posted by Jamie on July 25, 2019  /   Posted in Yoga Teacher Training

Over the past 9 years I have adopted the belief that there is a Master Plan, that everything happens for a reason.

I find that it’s much easier to think this way than to be constantly asking why things happen, or try to control things that are out of my control.

Therefore, I do not think it was a coincidence that my very first yoga class was such a perfect fit for me:

  • The studio was close to home

  • The level of intensity was just what I needed

  • I felt an immediate connection to the instructor

By the end of the class I was totally hooked on yoga!

It was, and continues to be, my missing PEACE.

My first yoga class felt like coming home, and I wanted more. I bought books, took as many classes as I could (almost daily group classes) and attended Yoga/Ayurveda workshops.

It just so happened that my new favorite yoga teacher, Karen Quinn was also the lead instructor of a YTT-200 (200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training) program and the start date of her next training was just a few months away.

I registered for her course, and within 18 months of taking my very first yoga class I had graduated from teacher training and was now SUBBING one of Karen Quinn’s morning yoga classes. It was a total pinch me moment as MANY of the students who were in attendance at my first group yoga class were now in front of me, ready for me to guide them through a practice inspired by the teacher we all loved, Karen Quinn.

Along with learning how to teach yoga I also now had the tools to drop unhealthy habits, change negative thoughts and emotions, and was on the path to true happiness (I will post about this process soon).

Fast forward 9 years from my first yoga class, I am now the owner of Rishi’s Community Yoga and my studio is the Colorado home of Feel Better Yoga School, lead by Karen Quinn. I am also one of the co-teachers of our courses.

We offer YTT-200, YTT-300/500 and Continuing Education Units for Yoga Alliance Certification.

It’s definitely another pinch me moment when I walk through the doors of Rishi’s Community Yoga to co-teach one of our teacher training weekends. Do I feel lucky? No! Do I feel like it’s a coincidence that I met Karen 9 years ago? No!

I feel like the universe ALWAYS had this planned for me. Planned that I would make an instant connection to Karen, take her magnificent yoga training course,  and sell my lucrative (but life sucking!) business that I had owned for 20 years to become a yoga teacher.

Now I get to share my teachings with so many Yogis every year and watch their life changing experiences and transformations. I have found my dharma and I have the BEST job in the world!

Yoga teacher training, and the transformation that is possible, may be in the plans for you too! Maybe you have a calling, or are being led by your heart, to embark on teacher training? Listen to your inner guidance, you could be an energetic match to our program. It would be a privilege to have you join us. 🙂


Jamie Hermansen


Owner of Rishi’s Community Yoga

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