Yoga Teacher Training

Unbinding the mind – Untie the Heart:  Sacred Journey to the Self

Embarking on the journey to become a yoga teacher calls us to explore the unique, powerful and often surprising teacher within each of us.

While there are many choices for yoga teacher trainings, there are few that focus on the “why” of yoga as much as the “how.”  This teacher training is designed for lifelong learners and challenges the status quo.

It ignites the motivation to move and create a practice that uses strength without strain and effort without pain.   We embrace contemporary perspectives on asana, pranayama, and subtle energies that lead us to the essence of a balanced yoga practice and lead us to the source of our energy and light.

200 hour Teacher Training

This is a beginning for those who are seeking to become teachers or simply seek to deepen their knowledge on this powerful journey to the Self.  This training is much more than learning to be a Yoga teacher.  It is an invitation to expand your mind, open your heart, and nourish your body.

Start the journey to teaching or deepen your own connection to the your yoga practice.  This path is one that leads to our inner light, balance and health.

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300 hour Teacher training

Did your 200-hour training leave you hungry for even more knowledge? Want to advance and expand your teaching?

If you’re seeking a shift in perception and awakening of your inner wisdom our Advanced Training is for you!   Dedicated classes on advanced teaching techniques to enhance your teaching skills only for those who have completed a 200-hour training:

o   Working with injured bodies and understanding the pathways of pain

o   Intuitive cueing and adjustments that heal

o   Creating inspired classes using mantra, mudra and music

o   Yoga Therapy sequences to release and revitalize

o   Ayurveda and asana-teaching with the rhythms of the earth

Explore, discover and reframe classical tenets to create an injury free practice based the tools of Yoga Therapy.  Expand your teaching for every Body and continue your journey to inner wisdom.  Tap into the breadth and wealth of knowledge from instructors that stimulate, integrate and share the tools for masterful teaching. Build confidence, grace and embrace the spirit that is uniquely yours.

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