300/500 Hour Training

There are many good teachers, would you like to become a great one? 

Yoga is a vast field of study and 200 hours training is just the beginning.  Looking for new ways to lead classes adapted to the unique conditions and needs of each student?

If you’re seeking a shift in perception and awakening of your inner wisdom our Advanced Teacher Training 300 is for you!  Develop skills to advance your teaching:

Opportunity for one-on-one evaluations with lead teachers

Prerequisite: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from registered school

Classes can be attended for Continued Education Credit only-(not enrolled in the entire 300 hour course) on a space available basis.

Student teaching opportunities weekly for 300 hour students

Classes will be in conjunction with 200 hour training on select weekends for anatomy and asana.

September 7-8

Advanced teaching practice:  Body reading, postural assessment, understanding misalignment in Asana. Common injuries and how to avoid them. Cueing for alignment: what works?

September 20-22

Anatomy of the mind-Yoga sutras, History of Yoga-evolution to modern times.  Bones, Joints, Anatomical Markers,  “why”  rather than “how”.  The spine as the foundation of life

October 6     

Advanced teaching practice: Yoga Therapy-working with the injured body.  Understanding the pain response.

October 11-13

Anatomy of the hips, legs feet, ankles.  Reading the body in movement. Muscle action-creating foundational understanding of movement.

October 25-27

Living anatomy-exploring the connections and putting them into practice.  Pranayama the Power and magic of the breath and the Stress Response, Directions of movement, Anatomy of upper body

November  8-10

Joyful asana. Yoga philosophy in the modern world.

Forward Folding and Bending Back-creating movement patterns that are sustainable and strengthening

November 22-24

Twisting and lateral bending-essential form and cues.

Asana with sparkle to embrace the feminine face of yoga.

December 6-8         

Balance, movement and strength: integrating the whole body. Exploring the psoas, piriformis and sacrum.

December 15

Advanced teaching practice: Using props effectively-Innovative props to advance and adapt teaching  skills.  Adapting the practice for every body. Pranayama with asana for specific outcomes.

January 5                 

Advanced teaching practice: Yoga Therapy for hips, knees and ankles.  Functional understanding of movement in body systems

January 10-12 *         

Sequencing the art and science of putting it all together.  Weaving the Gunas into your practice

January 18               

Advanced teaching practice: hands on adjustments and sequencing to bring the sparkle to your practice

January 24-26 *        

Subtle Energies of the body-Chakras, Gunas,  Mudras, Vayus

February 1              

Advanced teaching practice: Creating inspired classes using the Chakras, Mantra and Mudras

February 7-9 *            

Meditation to access the deeper self.  Ethics, Communication, teaching challenges (timing, cueing, working with students)

February 22-23  

Advanced teaching practice: Ayurveda and asana-creating classes with the rhythm of the seasons.  Ayurveda-the art of self-care with the Science of Life

*300 hour students must attend at least one of these weekends and can choose to attend all three if desired

Practicum/student teaching included each week

Class Times: 

Friday 5-9 p.m.

Saturday  11:30-7 p.m.

Sunday 8:30-4:00 p.m. (includes free 8:30 class on Sundays)



$3500 if paid in full prior to first module.

$3700 if using Installment Plan; $925 with application. 

3 Additional Installments of $925 due:

            October 25, 2019

            November 27, 2019

            January 10, 2020

Cash or check only. Credit cards not accepted.

Cancellation Policy: Deposits are fully refundable up to 4 weeks prior to the beginning of class.

Continuing Education Credit:

-all classes can be attended by RYT for Yoga Alliance CEU

$130.00/day or $250/weekend for two day trainings

Karen Quinn, ERYT500, Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner is the lead instructor for this training. She brings 18 years and over 15,000 hours of teaching experience to create trainings rich in anatomy, alignment and ahimsa. Her emphasis is on sharing the many tools of yoga therapy that allows students to discover the wonder and ease of this ancient practice. In addition, we have assembled an incredible group of instructors with years of hands on experience to share their knowledge and expertise so that you can share with others the many gifts of yoga.

For more information or to apply:  Karen Quinn- karen@feelbetteryoga.com

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